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New Condos Offer Resort Amenities for Williamsburg Professionals

Posted: July 31, 2019 by Josiah Bryant

Your time is money, and you don’t have it to waste. New condos at Promenade @5 offer the spoils of resort amenities in Williamsburg.

New condos in Williamsburg mean today’s busy professional or military transplant can enjoy the spoils of quiet rural life while being close to both Hampton Roads and Richmond. Conveniently located between two of Virginia’s largest metropolitan areas, the resort amenities in Williamsburg afford residents of our new condos at Promenade @5 a way to be near it all while not having to be in the middle of the busy city bustle. 

Paying rent is a thing of the past. As young professionals realize there comes a tipping point where buying is a more affordable option than renting, new condos are becoming the sensible option for a starter home. Modern condos with resort amenities in Williamsburg mean professionals do not have to spend money on commuting back and forth for life’s basic necessities.

Time is Money

Life’s daily tasks take time. Taking out the trash, finding safe walkable routes and commuting back and forth to the gym everyday eat up precious minutes and add to the stressors of modern living. New condos like those at Promenade @5 offer resort amenities and concierge services for residents, meaning the little things in life are easily remedied. With an on-site, full size gym with virtual fitness classes, driving across town just for a daily workout restores more minutes to your day and increases the likelihood you will actually meet those fitness goals. The bark park at Promenade @5 provides our residents with a safe setting for dog walking and socialization. Our residents do not have to take out the trash; a concierge service conveniently handles this messy chore for them.

What will you do with all of the extra time in your day, after moving to our modern condos with resort amenities in Williamsburg?

Resort Amenities in Williamsburg Afforded to Residents at Promenade @5

Buying a new condo at the Promenade @5 community means he convenience of resort-style luxury, right at home. Enjoy the spoils of a resort getaway...lived everyday. Finally, explore the lifestyle you deserve with these resort amenities in Williamsburg:

  • Fast Wi-Fi. With over 3.7 million professionals working from home, Promenade @5 understands our residents likely fall within this niche. Fast Wi-Fi means our residents never have to struggle with spotty connections ever again.

  • Home exterior repairs...covered. Resort living means never having to deal with annoying home exterior repairs and facade work. At Promenade @5, our residents enjoy this convenience. 

  • Landscaping and winter weather clearance. The groundskeepers at Promenade @5 ensure our residents enjoy the pristine beauty of well-manicured property. Residents do not have to struggle with lawn cutting, weed-eating and shoveling snow in winter; we handle the outdoor chores. This means residents can spend more time enjoying life with family and friends. 

We encourage you to explore the full array of resort amenities our modern condos in Williamsburg offer professionals seeking to simplify while living a luxurious lifestyle. Take a virtual tour of our community, and discover why our new condos present everything you need for living your best life.


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