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Luxury Lifestyle Emerges from New Homes in Williamsburg VA at Promenade @5

Posted: July 31, 2019 by Josiah Bryant

New homes at the Promenade @ 5 neighborhood in Williamsburg offer modern luxury lifestyle amenities. Streamlining aesthetic and function with concierge style detail are what drive today’s career driven homebuyer. Resort meeting rooms combine spa and wellness amenities with fine dining all on the same grounds. Coworking spaces combine desks and offices with coffee bars and Mother’s rooms. In the daily corners of work and play, collaboration meets conversation and the magic of community emerges.


New homes offer old world charm in the neighborhood: Williamsburg, VA: Promenade @ 5 awaits.


Buyers seek to shed the stressors of the day with simplified access to luxury lifestyle amenities . Amidst the old world colonial charm of a former settlement capital city, Promenade @ 5 emerges as the premier haven for new homes in Williamsburg offering luxury lifestyle amenities. Homeowners melt the busy day away in the comfort cozy of their Cadenza home with a privacy suite. Our owners enjoy taking a dip in the pool at our clubhouse or taking in the country breeze on brisk walks to the bark park with their canine companions.


Luxury Lifestyle Amenities at the Promenade @ 5 neighborhood in Williamsburg, VA


·      Bark Park. Your pooch pal has a safe, convenient place to play and let the energy out at our on-site bark park.

·      Package Concierge Service. Packages arrive safely and await pickup at your convenience. The safety of our community coupled with our Package Concierge Service means your Amazon Prime packages are kept securely and not left as targets on porches for strangers and passersby.

·      Clubhouse. Our clubhouse offers 24-7 gym facility access, a pool with tanning shelves and available kitchen space for hosting parties.

·      Trash Concierge Service. Taking your trash to the curb will be a noxious task of your rental past. Our Trash Concierge Service means no more having to lug heavy and leaky bags to the curb.

·      Bicycle Repair Shop. Our Bicycle Repair Shop allows our residents to get their bicycles repaired on-site.

·      Landscaping and Yard Maintenance. The grounds of our community are meticulously maintained by our landscaping and yard service. Residents are not burdened with the duties of their own lawn management.



The Convenience of a luxury lifestyle means no regrets for our Residents.

A recent study shows 63% of millennial home buyers regret their purchase because of the hidden costs of home maintenance. At Promenade @5, all exterior home repairs are included. Purchasing a home at Promenade @ 5 means living a luxury lifestyle without the burdens of conventional home ownership…at prices comparable to traditional home ownership.


Homeowners at Promenade @ 5 need not leave our neighborhood in Williamsburg, VA to explore the best of what luxury lifestyle amenities here have to offer. At Promenade @ 5, community meets convenience amidst a culture of modern living tucked amidst the colonial atmosphere Williamsburg, Virginia. We invite you to discover more. Take a video tour today to view our new homes and neighborhood.


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